Maq Classic cricket on tomorrow at Lara

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History will be created tomorrow when for the first time this country will see a North/South Cricket Classic for Under-15 cricketers.

Maq Classic cricket on tomorrow at Lara

History will be created tomorrow when for the first time this country will see a North/South Cricket Classic for Under-15 cricketers.

The match timed to get off at 9.30am will be a 40-overs format and will involve the best Under-15 cricketers from T&T.

On show tomorrow will be national under-15 cricketers who recently represented the country in Jamaica and a number of fringe national players. Leading North in this encounter is national captain Rajiv Ramnath and he will have with him the likes of vice-captain Andrew Rambaran, Justin Jaggessar, Sachin Emrit, Kyle Kissoondath, Abdur Rahman, Ronneilstar Perreira, Nic Ramlal and Aidan Samaroo. The North team is coached by Ronnie Bickramdass, managed by Colin Borde and has as team mentor Philo Wallace.

South on the other hand will be led by national player Darren Samlal and he has as his assistant Alix Gopaul who opens for South East. The national players he can call on include Khaleem Mohammed, Liam Mamchan, Nickyle Jalim, Avalon Changoor and Ricardo Chase.

South will be coached by Zonal coach Stephen Ramkissoon, managed by national under-15 team manager Narine Bedeshi, with Anthony Gray as mentor.

Ramkissoon took his team though their paces on Wednesday evening and he is reporting that all is well in his camp. “We have a very good team with players from South, Southeast and Southwest. They are the cream of the crop in that age group and we are all excited to see them in action at the Lara Academy. They have been looking forward to a game like this and we want to thank the organisers.”

Borde was happy with the initiative :”This is really something wonderful and the organisers must be congratulated. They seem to have put a lot of work into the staging of this game and I must say that our young cricketers are very fortunate indeed. I want to encourage the youngsters to grab this opportunity and to enjoy the cricket. I remember the importance of the North/South Classic in the days gone by and now we have a North/South Classic for the Under-15 cricketers, magnificent.”

This match which is sponsored by Miami businessman and cricket administrator Mahammad Qureshi, is being staged by T&T Ark Angels in collaboration with Naparima College. Giving this clash there blessings are the Ministry of Education, the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) and the Secondary Schools Cricket Council.  

There will be an official opening at 9am and addressing the cricketers will be CCUSA Caribbean director Vinode Mamchan, CCUSA’s operations manager Sofian Qamar, Dr. Michael Dowlath, Dr. Lackram Bodoe and president of the Secondary Schools Cricket League Surujdath Mahabir.




Darren Samlal (capt), Alix Gopaul (v-capt), Romario King, Riyaad Mohammed, Khaleem Mohammed, Nickyle Jalim, Calvin Loubon, Avalon Changoor, Liam Mamchan, Ricardo Chase, Jacen Agard, Jonathon Ramnarace, Aadithya Persad, Kovid Bispath and Shane Rajaram. Coach Stephen Ramkissoon, manager Narine Bedeshi, mentor Anthony Gray.



Rajeev Ramnath (capt), Andrew Rambaran (v-capt), Sachin Emrit, Aidan Samaroo, Vishwesh Pattnaik, Abdur Rehman, V Bachoo, Ronnilster Perriera, Justin Jaggessar, Kyle Kissoondath, Aidan Samaroo, Jedidiah John, Nic Ramlal, Daniel Fletcher, Brandon Deonarine, Ricky Ragoonanan. Coach Ronnie Bickramdass, manager Colin Borde, mentor Philo Wallace.