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Shah Zafar hard at work during the US Open T20 tournament in Fort Lauderdale last year.

CCUSA’s Zafar to be inducted into Cricket Hall of Fame

Yet again Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) will be featured at the Cricket Hall of Fame awards function carded for later this year, as member Shah Zafar will be inducted.
Cricket Hall of Fame continues to recognise the efforts members of CCUSA who have been leading the charge in cricket development in the US.
In 2017, executive member of CCUSA, Syed Balkhi was inducted into the Hall of Fame at a gala function that was held at Hartford Connecticut. Now comes the turn of Zafar who has worked with CCUSA for quite a number of years. The Canadian has forged a very close association with CCUSA and is the tournament director for the US Open which is now in its 10th year.
Zafar has also done a lot for cricket in Canada and was the manager of the Canadian Under-19 cricket team for the past few seasons. Founder of CCUSA, Mahammad Qureshi is full of praise for Zafar. “Shah has been with us for many years and in addition to the great work he has done in administration in Canada, he has also given a whole lot to us here in the United States. He has ever present at our tournaments, lending his expertise and we are happy that he is being recognised for his work. We continued to have members in the Cricket Hall of Fame because we are serious about contributing to cricket. We have taken a stance where we always put cricket first and Michael Chambers and his people at Cricket Hall of Fame has been the value of the contribution made by our members.”
This year’s function will take place at the JFK Hilton Hotel near the JFK International Airport and takes place on October 6.
Topping this year’s list of nominees is former West Indies captain Jimmy Adams. Other nominees include former US captain Richard Staple, Trevor Walke, a well known cricketer in New York and Joan Alexander-Serrano former West Indies women’s cricketer and current USA women’s cricket selector.


Mahammad Qureshi with Mohammed Shahid at his cricket ground that is under construction in Fresno, California.
CCUSA’s alliance with Shahid gives cricket boost
On his quest to find good administrators to help in the development of cricket in the United States, founder of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA), Mahammad Qureshi stumbled upon Mohammed Shahid in Fresno California and after a short conversation, the latter has decided to throw his support behind Qureshi and his association in an effort to build cricket in the USA.
Qureshi has been on a whirlwind trip around the United States in an effort to broaden the reach of CCUSA in an effort to boost the cricket. He has forged partnerships with many associations and individuals and Shahid in the latest to join the effort.
According to Qureshi :”I visited Fresno California and met Mohammed Shahid who owns his own property on 10 plus acres and is in the process of building a cricket field.” Qureshi himself is no stranger to this, as years ago he built his own cricket ground in Boca, called the BRCC.
He continued :”We had a very good meeting and Shahid has bought into our vision for the development of the sport. The meeting was excellent and coming out of it, Shahid has decided that he would like to be CCUSA coordinator/advisor for Fresno, California.” A number of new coordinators have recently come on board CCUSA and they will be taking the cricket into their regions, looking to build good team to improve on the quality.
Shahid is no stranger to CCUSA, as back in 2015 he bought a very good team from California to the much touted US Open T20 tournament in Fort Lauderdale. There he would have gotten a first hand look at the professional setup that is CCUSA, so much so that he wants to be a part of it going forward.

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